Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Book in Review: B is for Beer

B is for Beer By: Tom Robbins
Fiction: Children/Adult 125 pages
Book count: 46

First a note on the book's category. The cover itself says that it is "A Children's Book for Grown-ups" and "A Grown-up Book for Children". It is a story about a 5-6 year old girl and uses a writing style one could use in writing books for children. It however, has content more like in an adult book. Not just in a this is a lot of heavy subject matter for kids (alchol, divorce, broken homes, religion/philosophy), but also in the way it is presented. That being said this is by far the best fiction book I have read about how beer is made. And although, if you follow the children's fiction rule that the main character should never be younger then the reader, it isn't a children's book, it could easily be read by a pre-teen, for enjoyment.

This is the story of Gracie Perkel who wants to know more about beer. Every time she talks about it to an adult she either gets in trouble or doesn't get any answers. Finial, when upset on her birthday she drinks down a beer, throws up and is visited by the beer fairy. The beer fairy takes her on a magical trip (in a very "A Christmas Carol" type way.) On the trip she learns some of the history of beer, how it is made, good and bad things that it causes and why some people drink it. (But, she never meets a sugar elf.)

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