Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Book in Review: Minders of Make-Believe

Minders of Make-Believe By: Leonard S. Marcus
Non-fiction: history, litature, children 315 pages
Book Count: 47

This book is on the history of children's books in America. It starts with colonial America and ends with "Harry Potter". It looks at what types of books were writen. Who were the powers behind thoose choices. And how the idea of children's books has changed both in the minds of parents and experts in the field (publishers, teachers, libarians.) It was a very indept study that has extensive endnotes. It is suprizing to see how in such a short time the idea of kids books has changed again and agian. It was intresting learning how old or new some books are that are popular today as well as how they often were seen as contriversal when they were made or how they almost weren't made.

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