Thursday, July 02, 2009

Reasons (Excuses) Why I Haven’t Written Today

(Note: this was writen for a blog contest, not actualy what today has been, but a combination of a few days.)

* I was busy writing this list.
* I need to do more research.
*”MOM! The cat puked on the floor!”
* Great writers like to read, so I’ll just finish this chapter.
* It’s lunch time, you can’t write on an empty stomach.
* How in the world did the kids color on the ceiling?
* The garden needs weeding.
* Where did all the pens go?
*”MOM! The cat puked on the floor again!”
* I really should work out some.
* I don’t like this font, I need to find a better one before I can write anything.
* The kids are being too noisy to think.
* Oh, the mail’s here.
*The kids are too quiet, they must be into something.
*I’ll just check my email.
* And while I’m here I’ll read my blogs.
* I should do some shopping.
* While I’m out I need to buy something for dinner.
* I need to do the dishes now.
* It’s family time, I can’t write now.
* It’s too late to write now.

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