Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Book in Review: Forever Cool

Forever Cool By: Sherrie Mathieson
Non-Fiction, fashion 235
Book Count: 32

This is a book that shows a fashion for a type of thing (i.e. formal dress, work out clothes, suits etc) that is "Never Cool" and then a "Forever Cool" version of it with info on why one is a bad outfit and one is good. It is mainly a useful book for learning what works and doesn't, but it suffers from only having one author. It is quite clear that she looks good in bright/true reds, oranges, bright green and browns. She insists that if you are past a certain age/weight you can't wear, pink, purple, teal, burgundy or any pastels (except hot pink in preppy styles and if you are a guy) excluding the burgundy these are all colors that most people who can wear oranges and bright reds don't look good in. She does do some talking about coloring, but it doesn't fix with any theory of it that I have ever read. If you look good in the same colors as the author then the only problem is that I have never heard any other modern fashion person say "pleated slacks are always a good bet" even if you have a small waist & athletic thighs, as they make you look fat.

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