Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Book in Review: What you wear can change your life

What you wear can change your life By: Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine
Non-fiction: fashion, 263 pages
Book Count: 31

This book was written by the host of the British version of "What Not to Wear". As such it has a lot of advice much like the TV show, but it is in an easy to find format and also includes things that they don't get into on the show like what all the differnt types of makeup do, how to pose for pictures to camoflage flaws, and how to store your things to make it easier to put together outfits. There were some issues with the fact that this was written in England, but most of the products named were brands that are also here and there was enought info given about many of them that you could find an equlivent product.

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