Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan. E-books Part 1:

India's Most Delicious Recipes By: Chef Ban and Tara Alexander
Non-fiction: Cooking, E-book

This book does have a good selection of Indian food, both vegetarian and none.  The recipes do look tasty, but about 80% of them required special ingredients or in one case tools.  The book makes no note of what to do if you can not find this ingredient even though I have seen other recipes for the same foods that do work around it.  And I know that you can find anything on-line, but most of the recipes call for curry leaves, a plant I have only found in the gardening section of a store, and on line goes for $4+ for an ounce (plus shipping.) So if you like Indian food and have a curry plant, then this book would work for you. Otherwise, I'm glad I got this when it was free.

Legends of the Middle Ages: The History and Legacy of the Knights Templar By: the Charles River Editors
Non-Fiction: History, E-book

This short book is an introduction to the Knights Templar. It is written to explain the actually proven history of the group, but also lets you know about common myths about them both modern and historic.

The ABC's of Freezer Cooking By: K.M. Logan
Non-fiction: Cooking, E-book

This book is an intro to freezer cooking using each letter of the alphabet as the start of each hint. It also includes recipes that work well when freezing.

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