Friday, January 18, 2013


Forbidden: The Books of Mortals By: Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee
Fiction: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Religion 436 pages
Book Count: 2

First a note on the labels. This story takes place in a future, where due to an apocalyptic level event and a virus created by alchemist, they have almost no technology and have fear as their only emotion. So on one level it's sci-fi, but it reads like a fantasy due to the olden feel of the world and their choice of names for things. Also, this book doesn't talk about any real world religions at all, but given what I know of the authors I knew that this book would be on some level a religious book, even before it became clear that one of the characters is going to be a very Christlike figure in the next book.

Now about the book itself. I really enjoyed the story. The story starts out as the story of Rom, a normal young guy living in the capital of the world and working singing in funerals, writing music (which is quite hard in a world without emotions,) and doing odd and ends type jobs to make ends meet.  Then an old man who says he knew his dad hands him a package and talks of a group called the Keepers before being killed by Citadel (the inner city of the rulers) guards.  This is shocking on many levels. First, killings do not happen. Second, as far as he knew his father lead a normal life and died from a fever years ago. Third, now he is the Keeper of a strange parchment and a vial of blood and on the run from the law. From there his life is completely changed.

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