Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sherwood Ltd.:

Sherwood Ltd.: By: Anne R. Allen
Fiction: Mystery 274 pages
Book Count: 3

This is book 3 in the Camilla Randall Mysteries and takes place a short while after Ghost Writers In the Sky. In this book Camilla (the manner's doctor) is so desperate that she is house sitting for her friend (who doesn't know she is there.) When scrounging in a dumpster for enough recyclables to buy some milk, she is almost attacked by a coyote and fights off some perv. (She later finds out that he might not have been acting as a perv in the alley, but interested in her writing as he is the owner of a publishing house that sells erotica, but wants to do non-erotic books as well) A short time later she finds a dead body in the same area. But, she soon has bigger problems to deal with when her friend's boyfriend gives her a one-way ticket to anywhere she wants that isn't there. She ends up going to England to take Mr. Sherwood up on his book deal.  From there her life gets turned completely upside down as she deals with crooks big and small in a modern day Robin Hood story, or maybe Peter Pan?

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