Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution:

The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution By: Rob Thompson, MD
Non-Fiction: Health, Food, Science 242 pages
Book Count: 1

First, a note to my friends that read this blog.  I am not diabetic.  In the normal New Year's Resolution, "I'm going to lose weight/ get healthy this year," thing I decided to use the diet that in the past had giving me the easiest weight loss, which was watching my carbs, expecily the ones that don't come from whole fruits and veggies. . . You can eat all the broccoli you want, it doesn't count as a sugar.

Now about the book.  This book is written based off of the idea of the glycemic load, which is a lot like the glycemic index in that it is all about how a food spikes your blood sugar compared to a slice of white bread; however, instead of using the same amount of sugars for the test they used a serving size.  So although in the index carrots are a high index food, you have to eat 7 full sized carrots for the amount to equal a slice of bread.  In the glycemic load tests they used one carrot and their numbers were a lot better than bread. In fact most all foods that are not full of grains (and potatoes) are lower on the glycemic load, so the main point of the diet is to not eat many starches or sugary drinks (the drinks because your body doesn't notice the sugar and calories from drinks as well as foods).  It is not like the Atkins diet in that fruits and veggies are encouraged in this diet and even for foods that are discouraged, eating a little is OK. This book was also written by someone that eats the diet and has had weight loss and improved health because of it.  The book also has a ton of information on diabetes which would be helpful for someone with diabetes.
(Not: he also has books on this subject for people that don't have diabetes, but the library didn't have it in, and I wanted to read some books at the start of my diet to refresh my memory.)

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