Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Paleoista : Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Fell Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat By: Nell Stephenson
Non-Fiction: Food/Cooking 257 pages
Book Count: 17

First, I am glad that this wasn't the first book on the Paleo diet that I read.  As if it was I would never be interested in it.  The author insists that the Paleo diet is not in fact low carb, but that you eat almost the same amount of carbs as the standard American diet.  And also that the fat and protein amounts aren't that different either.  She then sticks fruit in most everything to up the carb count and insists on lean meats as well.  Also for some reason she hates salt, not the added salt in pre-made and canned food, but all salt.  So the only people that are allowed a pinch of salt on any of their food is pro level athletes. (as salt is an important electorite that you need and loose during exercise.[Which is true for everyone and not just people working out for hours a day, who need a lot more then a pinch of salt with dinner.]) Which might have you thinking, so what I'll just add a pinch of salt to my food so it tastes good, well her answer to that is that if you ever eat even a bite of non-Paleo food you have complexly ruined your entire diet. She also makes random comments about how this or that is horrible and not food with out explaining why, (even with foods that other Paleo writers are fine with.)
Now there are some good bits in the book.  As you get into the book she does talk about what fruits are lower GI and talks about eating more lower GI foods than high ones.  She also includes information on other books on the Paleo diet that have more information in them. And she has stories of women that went Paleo peppered throughout the book, that are more realist then the rest of the book.
In short, I wouldn't recommend this book to any of my friends that want to know more about my diet.

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