Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Elements of F*cking Style:

The Elements of F*cking Style: a helpful parody By: Chris Baker and Jacob Hansen
Non-fiction: writing, humor, NYR, 86 pages
Book Count:18

Eighteen books and four months and I am finally onto one of my NYR books. (remember my new year's resolution post on reading books I own?)  For other people that have studied writing you might notice that this book title is much like that of THE BOOK to read to learn all the details of proper written grammar. And this book has the same goal as the original, only it's much, much shorter and full of sex and drugs and rock and roll (and so many swears.) In short it is transgressional non-fiction. (Transgressional fiction is the genre of books that things like Fight Club fall into. They deal with breaking free of societal norms and often deal with taboo subject matter.)  So it is somewhat ironic that a book on the rules of writing uses a anti-rules format to teach them in; however, which can you name, the first two rules of fight club or what a gerund is? I know some of you can answer both, but I bet you didn't have to think about one at all.  This is why the authors picked the way of writing they did, so maybe you remember some of these rules and not just fall asleep trying to read it.

Also, although this should go without saying do not give this book to your grandmother or a five year old, unless your grandmother is a very unusual little old lady.

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