Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pope John XXIII : The Good Pope

Pope John XXIII : The Good Pope By: Wyatt North
Non-Fiction: E-book, History, Biography

This book is a  biography of Pope John XXIII, who by the time that this post is published will be officially a saint.  This book goes over his life before he was pope, how unexpected his papacy was, how he was sainted without the customary number of miracles and how his papacy and Francis's have many similarities.  It also includes the first 2 chapters on the same author's book on Pope Francis.  Some of the similarities between the two popes: unusual name choices with questions on numbering (there was an anti-pope called John XXIII, and no one had taken the name John since him),  they were older when elected,  they are/were known as more pastoral popes and visit(ed) the poor, sick and imprisoned, they have appointed a diverse mix of cardinals, and many other things.

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