Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why We Get Fat:

Why We Get Fat: and What to do About it by: Gary Taubes
Non-fiction: food, science 225 pages
Book Count: 19

First, a list of things that I ate while reading this book that conventional wisdom would say is bad for weight loss: bacon, McDonald's cheeseburgers (sans bun and ketchup), full fat cheese, coffee with whipping cream in it, veggies cooked in bacon grease, and something called a fat bomb.  Weight lost when reading this -0, but I lost a pound the day after I finished it.

This book is mostly a easier to read and shorter version of Good Calories. Bad Calories.  It is much less detailed in all the science involved and more about how you can use this information.  Also as it was written after the other book, there was a major study that included a comparison of 4 diets: Atkins, LEARN (a traditional diet), Ornish, and the Zone.  This was called the A TO Z Weight Loss Study and it found that the low carb Atkins diet had the most weight loss and the greatest reduction in triglycerides and blood pressure.   

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