Friday, May 16, 2014

The Infernals:

The Infernals By: John Connolly
Fiction: YA, fantasy, paranormal, humor 309 pagesBook Count: 22

This book is the sequel to The Gates which is reviewed here.  In this book Samuel and his dog Boswell, the heroes from the first book, get sucked into Hell, as well as two police officers in their cop car, an ice cream truck and driver, and some ill tempered, drunken dwarfs in a van.  Once there they need to escape the demon from the first book, which has taken to calling itself Mrs. Abernathy and wearing dresses and a mostly human like body, as well as finding a way back out of Hell.  They meet back up with Nurd and his helper Wormwood, who are driving Samuel's dad's car around disguised as a rock.  (As a moving rock isn't the weirdest thing in Hell.)  And we also learn about the effects of the failed invasion in Hell, which could result in a all out war.

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