Thursday, December 04, 2014

Undead and Unemployed:

Undead and Unemployed (Queen Betsy Book #2) by: Mary Janice Davidson
Fiction: Mystery, Paranormal, Audio Book

This is book two in the series.  In this book Betsy is more use to her unique vampire abilities, but there is still bills to pay, so after failing to get unemployment do to the never ending bureaucracy of government programs, she ends up getting her dream job of selling shoes at Macy's.  Which only infuriates Sinclair, as the job is below a queen, but that is only the least of her problems.  There is a group out killing vampires, there are vampires that resent her being queen, there are vampires that don't think she is queen, there are termites in her house so Jessica rents out a mansion for them, and there is a little girl that is always hiding in her bedroom.  Also, working around shoes puts a serious dent in her paycheck.

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