Sunday, February 01, 2015

Stewarding Life:

Stewarding Life: One Lifetime, Limited Resources, Eternal Priorities By: Paul Chappell
Non-Fiction: Religion, E-book

First, this book was written by a Baptist minister, so all of the normal things you would expect from a book by a Baptist minister are in it.  Even thought it is clearly a religious book (on a subject that you would not expect someone that wasn't religious to read), there is a section for getting Saved including a version of "The Sinner's Prayer".  This is referred/hyper-linked  to in multiple places later in the book as well, just in case.  All bible quotes are also in the King James Version, (as we all know that God only speaks in Elizabethan English.)
Besides those things the main idea of the book is about being a good steward of all the things that God has given you.  With the main emphasizes being on non-money parts of stewardship.    This book was written from notes that the author made when on a forced vacation after almost working himself to death, so includes notes both on the importance of doing things and not over doing things.  And it also uses many examples from the author's personal life, the Bible, and well known historic people.

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