Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Math is Murder:

New Math is Murder (A Jersey Girl Cozy Mystery) By: Jo-Ann Reccoppa
Fiction: Mystery, E-book

Colleen's life is crashing down around her: Neil, her husband, has left her for a younger woman, her part time job in the local paper doesn't pay enough for all the bills, and when she went out jogging she tripped and fell over the body of her daughter's math teacher (who was failing her after she got great grades in last year's math class.)  As she already worked at the paper, her bosses think that her covering the case would be good for readership numbers.  So, she starts bumbling around trying to find out who the murderer is.  After she is almost killed, she is kicked off the story for her own good, but of course that doesn't stop her from looking for the killer.  And like a number of mysteries where the main character is not a detective she makes a mess of it, so by the end you are wanting to yell at her like the people in a horror film that run into the creepy basement, because you know who did it. 

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