Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sex, Violence and the Popes:

Sex, Violence and the Popes by: Pat Muro
Non-fiction: history, e-book

When the intro started out including the statement that most Bible scholars don't believe in the accuracy of chunks of the Gospels I didn't expect much of this book.  But as I was expecting it to be about all the horrible popes in history I thought that some one that thought that, wasn't going to sugar coat the truly horrible people that on occasion ended up the pope.  But instead the book is largely about the history of popes as political leaders; with a number of ones included just because they were in the tough spot of having two different kings/emperors that were fighting and threatening them to get the upper hand, or just because they might have been murdered. It also included the well disproven theory of "Hitler's Pope."  It has 46 popes in the "not great" section and only 5 in the "great" section. 

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