Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Grimm End

Grimm End By: S T Cameron
Fiction: Paranormal, Mystery, E-book

This book has the full range of paranormal things: Shape shifters, reanimated corpses, magic, Greek mythology, genies, and  mysterious things of unknown origin. It centers around a small town in modern times that seams like it is a different time.  At the start of the book I thought it might have been from the 1900's until the car drove by.  In the main part of the story they even point out how old fashion the town seams (c. 1950's) as there is no cell reception, a old style dinner, and the town shuts down for the night.
The main story is about three siblings that find out that their family was from the town from above and their great grandfather use to collect mysterious things of great power.  Three other "sisters" which might be connected with the Fates are trying to get "Pandora's Box" and are using the kids to get to it.

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