Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Passive Aggressive Letter to the Baker Park Library:

Dear Library,

  Hello, I would like to tell you about an amazing invention.  It is called the Dewey Decimal System.  It was invented in 1876 and is a way for people to know what the subject mater is of a book.  It is as easy to use as counting, as you just arrange all the books by the number that is located on the spine of all your non-fiction books.  If that is hard for you to understand you can ask for help from any other branches of the library, or from most every other library in the country.  I know that you have attempted your own version of this by putting all of the books in sections that you personally labeled, but each time I run to your location in a hurry this has caused issues.  One time I used the website for the library to find a book and wrote down what its number was so that I could find it.  But things were not arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification so I had to look all around the section labeled with it's subject matter, and then when it wasn't under that I had to look around for where else it might be.  The last two times I have picked up books labeled as "Humor" gave them a quick look and only when I started to read them did I find out that one was a book on Astrology (and not on making fun of astrology as a quick look of the cover would imply) the other was a fiction book on global warming (and not just some dark humor on pop culture as it looked like.) I know that there are cost connected with this system, but as every other branch of the county library that I have been in uses the system I have to imagine that you are paid up for using it. (Even the branch in the mall uses it, and if any branch should be using an idiots method of arranging books, it should be the one next to the arcade.)  So please, start using the same method of shelving books as every other library that I have ever been in and not just sticking books where you think that they might go.


P.S. I know moving all the books will not be that hard as my main branch likes to switch up the sections for fiction and non-fiction, teen and audio books at least once a year.

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