Friday, May 13, 2016

Drinking in America:

Drinking in America: Our Secret History By: Susan Cheever
Non-fiction: History, 221 pages
Physical Book Count: 5
Book Count: 12

This book attempts to explore America's Love/Hate relationship with alcohol.  It starts with the way that a lack of beer helped cause the Pilgrims to land where they did to the founding of AA.  It deals with key points in the history of America and explores the highs and lows of how drinking shaped the country.  It includes how America could in one century go from the most drinking country in the world to outlawing drinking completely, and where the pendulum is swinging today.  It was written by a person that was a child of an alcoholic and also had addiction issues, so that might have colored  some of the book. (It wasn't a major issue in any way, just that they saw the connection between alcoholism and people's behavior even when they weren't drinking, while someone without that background would more likely see the people as jerks, who also happened to drink at times.)  

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