Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Secondhand Souls:

Secondhand Souls By: Christopher Moore
Fiction: Mystery, paranormal, humor 335 pages 
Physical Book Count: 4
Book Count: 11

This book is the sequel to "A Dirty Job" review here.   And you might want to read "Coyote Blue" too before this book as it is mentioned too, review here.  

The story picks up about a year after the end of the last book, and has all the same main characters as last time, with a few new ones.  Charlie is living in his squirrel person body with Audrey, the nun.  Sophie lives with her aunt Jane and Cassie in Charlie's old building.  Mrs. Ling and  Mrs. Korjev treat her like a grandchild.  Lily is working for the suicide prevention hotline after a short time that she was dating Minty and they were running a pizza/jazz store. Minty is running a used music shop, and Rivera is now a death merchant with a book store, but he hasn't been collecting.
The story starts with the Emperor walking into Rivera's shop looking for a journal and a number 2 pencil to record the dead of the city before they get forgotten, then a banshee shows up with a message of doom and ends up stealing a stun gun.  The hell hounds go missing, and Charlie needs to get back in the picture (which is quite hard to do when you look like a 14 inch tall crocodile wizard. )  Along the way we meet Mike, a painter on the Golden Gate Bridge; Concepcion Arguella, a ghost; Helen, a racist old lady that speaks French;  Jean-Pierre Baptiste, a death merchant with an on-line store, W.C., who need a cheez; and a mysterious man dressed all in yellow, who's identities will be important.   Also Bob changes his name to Theeb, but Steve is more logical.  And the Ghost Thief needs to be found.  

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