Monday, October 03, 2016

A Witch's Guide to Murder:

A Witch's Guide to Murder (A Book & Candle Mystery book 1) by: Aubrey Harper
Fiction: Mystery, Paranormal, E-book
E-book count: 15
Book count: 25

Rory and her friend Scott go back to her small hometown for her grandma's funeral.  She didn't know her grandmother well as she wasn't allowed to talk to her after her mother moved out when she was still a kid.  But she had inherited her house and her store "Book & Candle."  When there she learns that her grandma didn't just run a store of occult/witchcraft supplies but was a real witch, and Rory is too.  Both things she learns from the ghost of her dead grandma who wants her to solve her murder, although the police ruled it an accident.  She isn't too sure about how she feels about being a witch or solving a murder that may or may not have happened.  But then more people die, a mysterious man who turns out to be the son of her grandmother's rivals comes to town and she isn't so sure that something horrible didn't happen or won't happen to her.

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