Thursday, March 30, 2017

Socrates in the City:

Socrates in the City: Conversations on "Life, God, and Other Small Topics"  Ed. By: Eric Metaxas
Non-fiction: philosophy, Religion- C, P, G, A, Humor
Physical Book Count: 9
Book Count: 11

(Note: Includes Catholic, Protestant, General religion and Atheist speakers or topics)

 This book is a collection of talks followed by a series of Q and A time, that were the transcripts of various events from the Socrates in the City series of events.  It deals with thinking about the big questions in life.  Topics include the interplay of science and religion and religion and public life; as told by a theoretical physicist and priest in the church of England, (and also a knight, but he was not in chain mail for the talk),  a scientist that worked on the human genome,  Bible scholars, writers, religious leaders, and others connected to the ideas of the talks.  

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