Friday, March 31, 2017

Spending Lent in Dracula's Castle:

Spending Lent in Dracula's Castle by: Steven J. Rolfes
Non-fiction: religion-C, P, Classic lit, E-books
E-Book Count:3
Book Count:12 

This book is a journey through Lent by following the journey of the book version of Dracula.  One should read Dracula before the book to get the most out of it, and possibly watch some of the movies, as there are references to how the movies are different in  some cases.  Like many books for Lent or Advent there is a section to read each day for every day.  It also starts at Fat Tuesday and goes all the way to Easter.  It deals with the spiritual journey that the cast of Dracula goes through in their fight against Dracula, who is an embodiment of evil/the devil in the book.

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