Friday, April 28, 2017

Cracked: The De-Textbook:

Cracked: The De-Textbook: The Stuff You Didn't Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew By: the Cracked Writers
Non:fiction: History, Science, Humor, Pop Culture, 207 pages
Physical Book Count: 17
Book Count: 20

For those of you that haven't heard of Cracked, it is a website of humorous articles / lists that are often informative and NSFW.  They often do articles on how everything you were taught in school was wrong.  There are also ones on pop culture, crazy things that you might have not heard in the news, photo shop picture on a theme, etc.  This book is about the things that you were taught that were wrong, skipped all the fun parts, or just got glossed over in order the get the the things you needed for standardized tests. Much to all of the information has already been published in the website, but it was arranged like a text book and had humorous pictures labeled as figure (blank) with the sentence explaining it just like a text book.  

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