Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster:

Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster by: Ursula Vernon
Fiction: Fantasy, Humor, Graphic Novel, Children's, 204 pages
Physical Book Count: 18
Book Count: 21

This is book 4 in the series, (3 was not in the library.) In this book it is summer and Danny and Wendell find a half-drown bat at the city pool.  So they take a bus (well actually a couple of buses in a few hour trip) to see Danny's cousin Steve in Mexico.  Steve studies a cave full of bats in the jungles of Mexico.  He is also trying the save the cave from developers.  When Steve shows off the cave to the boys, Danny gets kidnapped by a giant bat, which they call Camazotz after a giant bat god that people in the area use to worship. Steve and Wendell track the bat in the jungle to find it's lair; meanwhile, Danny is trying to escape from the bat which seams to think he is it's baby.  In the end Wendell is the one who saves the day, as well as Camazotz, who's existence also saves the other bats in the area as it will need to be studied as a new species

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