Tuesday, May 16, 2017

20 Answers Challenge: Part 1

So right before Lent, Catholic Answers had a 20 Answers Challenge, which was to read the 20 booklets that they made called 20 Answers- (blank), each of which has 20 questions and answers on some subject related to the faith, before the end of Easter (i.e. 50 days after Easter Sunday/Pentecost.)  And if you bought the complete set of books you would get the books for half off and $10 of the sale would go to help St. Paul Street Evangelization. So on Fat Tuesday I ordered the books to do the challenge/ get them on sale at the last possible minute.  As Lent was spent reading about vampires, because why wouldn't you, I started this challenge late.  Also as apparently Lent and Easter is a busy time when you work at a church, I started even later then that.  So I have about 20 days to read 20 books, luckily they are shorter books, so it should be possible.  Anyway as theses books/booklets are shorter and are part of a non-fiction series, I will be putting the "reviews" (Notes to myself that I have read them for the most part and proof to friends that I did do the challenge,) in a grouping of a few books at a time.

Also I will be counting them each as books, just so my book count looks great at the end of the year.

And as these books were written by a group of people (with one author for each book) and the writers are also on the show from Catholic Answers that I see on youtube, it is interesting to see the way that the author's speaking style translates into their writing style, as there are a number of times that I can "hear" the writing in the author's voice and wonder how one of the other authors would answer one of the questions differently.  

20 Answers: Salvation By: Jimmy Akin
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 71 pages
Physical Book Count: 23
Book Count: 26

I am picking the order of these books in mostly a random order.  When reading this book there were no pictures of Jimmy Akin with Batman, meaning we still have no proof that they are not the same person! Also this book does not have end notes, but the citation inside of the text of the book.

20 Answers: The Eucharist By: Trent Horn
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 64 pages
Physical Book Count: 24
Book Count: 27

This book has end notes, which is why I made a note about the 1st book not having them.  Also it had an end note with an idea that I have never heard of before, and which has not a lot to do with the subject of the book, and that is the idea that The Salvation Army isn't a Christian denomination because they don't do baptisms.  It noted that many Christian denominations have different beliefs on what, if anything baptism does, but argues that because they don't have baptisms it's not a denomination.

20 Answers: Miracles By: Karlo Broussard
Non-Fiction: Religion-C 68 pages
Physical Book Count: 25
Book Count: 28

Also with end notes!  This book reads like it should have been a much longer book for all the ideas that it is trying to share.  Also, I still haven't figured out how one determines if something outside of the relm of normal, scientific, reasonable, outcomes to an event, is within the nature of angels/demons or only something God can do.  Did someone do scientific testing on angels?!?

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