Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bill the Vampire (the Tome of Bill Book 1):

Bill the Vampire by: Rick Gualtieri
Fiction: Fantasy, E-book
E-Book Count:6
Book Count:50

This is book one in a series of books on the adventures of Bill, a vampire.  This book deals with how Bill became a vampire, and his early vampire activities.  Bill was a stereotypical nerd/geek.  He is average looking, lucks out with women, lives with a couple of roommates who are much like him, works a tech job mostly from his apartment, is a D and D regular, etc.  A hot women invites him to a party when they meet on public transportation, and although he can't believe that that really happened, he goes.  It turns out she is a vampire and the coven that she belongs to has a habit of having parties in with all the male or female vamps invite some type of "losers" to the party, drink their blood, turn them and then dust them.  (The time before the men all invited overweight women to the party. Also this coven only contains people that would be described as very physically attractive.)  Bill is able to be with it enough after being turned that when he sees the other guys getting dusted, he tries to escape.  He, as a new vampire with no natural fighting or running abilities fails miserably, but a senior vampire that was visiting the group saves his life.  They then find out that unlike most vampires, his sire and senior vampires can not compel him to do things, he is a Freewill.  This makes him a thing of legend even among vampires.   

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