Friday, July 07, 2017

The Last Secret of Fatima:

The Last Secret of Fatima By: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
Non-Fiction, Religion, Biography, History,  163 pages
Physical Book Count: 45
Book Count: 51

This book is mostly  a series of interviews that the author had with Sister Lucia, the last living member of the children that saw the vision of Our Lady of Fatima.  It also has a forward by then Pop Benedict XVI and some other documents that relate to Fatima.

It covers all the major crazy ideas surrounding Fatima and the secrets connected to it, with the answers from the last living visionary, i.e. the one person who should know the truth.  So in no particular order: there is no additional secret, there is no additional letter she wrote  to the Popes, she didn't tell John Paul I that he would be the Pope, or that he would be killed as the Pope (though she might have commented that he would make a good pope as a personal observation, not some message from Heaven,) and the 1984 consecration of the world counted, even thought it did not say Russia, but only hinted at it.  (The reason being that the Pope did not want to upset the Patriarch of Russia, also related, the error of Russia was about the militant atheism of communism and not a slight on the Orthodox Church.)  Also, both Sister Lucia and St. Pope John Paul II agreed that the third secret relates to when he was shot in 1980, and the book pointed out many connections between the event and Fatima as well as the fact that he was almost to the point of death and that if it wasn't for a number of unlikely things he would have died.  It also adds a section of thoughts on how visions relate to the visionary and are often symbolic in nature.  (For those that will not believe the event has happened until a pope is killed mountain climbing in the ruins of a city filled with the dead by bows and arrows while angels splash people in blood, etc.)  In short, all the popular conspiracy theories about Fatima, aren't true. 

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